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Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar:
Environmental Science and Policy - Challenges in the South Eastern Mediterranean

November 16-19, 2015 Nir Etzion, Mt. Carmel, Israel

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Welcome, Environmental Perspectives in the Mediterranean Sea

Zvi Ben Avraham  - Development in Mediterranean research

Sinaia Netanyahu – Environmental challenges in the Israeli marine environment

Michael Angelidis – Monitoring marine pollution in the Mediterranean Sea: achievements and challenges

Heavy Metal Dynamics in the Marine Ecosystem

Nicholas S. Fisher – Metal-plankton interactions and their biogeochemical implications

Charles T Driscoll – Mercury dynamics in marine ecosystems

Anthropogenic and Environmental Aspects along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel

Dror Zurel – Compliance marine monitoring in the Israeli Mediterranean shore

Gustavo Haqim – Radioactive materials in the marine environment in Israel: sources and monitoring

Ophir Lavon – Marine toxic exposure: Medical implications and monitoring considerations

Shirra Freeman – Risk benefit assessment of fish consumption in Israel

Orit Hyams Kaphza – Natural oligotrophy vs. pollution-induced eutrophy on the Israeli Mediterranean shallow shelf (the Shafdan outlet): Environmental parameters and benthic foraminiferal assemblages

Eyal Rahav – Bacterioplankton production in along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel - observational patterns under human induced impacts

Ilana Berman Fran – Sensitivity and resilience of primary and bacterial productivity of the ultra-oligotrphic eastern Mediterranean Sea under anthropogenic stressors

Yishai Weinstein – The contribution of direct groundwater discharge to the nutrient budget of the Mediterranean

Revital Bookman – Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on the southeast Mediterranean shelf sediments


Desalination – Development, Monitoring and Environmental Implications

Abraham Tenne – The desalination in Israel – Closing the gap

Yuval Cohen – Seawater desalination in Israel – Environmental challenges and solutions

Edo Bar Zeev – From Aquatic Microbs to Seagrass: What is the Impact of a desalination facility brine—waste?

Natasha Belkin – Impacts of seawater desalination discharges on coastal microbial communities

Nurit Kress - The challenge of marine monitoring at discharge sites of desalination brine

Marine litter and plastic debris

Tamara Galloway – Microscopic plastic debris and its impact on aquatic ecosystems

Noam van der Hal – Microplastics and their potential effect on marine food webs in Israeli coastal waters

Galia Pasternak – The influence of coastal currents on the distribution of marine plastic debris

Light and noise pollution

Hila Fishov – Light pollution in sea-water by the coal-peer of the electricity company of Hadera and its effect on the local zooplankton spatial distribution

Daniel Kerem – Man-made noise in the sea: nuisance or threat

Stylianos Katsanevakis – marine conservation, and monitoring as viewed from your recent studies in the Mediterranean

Fisheries, invasive species and marine conservation

Daniel Pauly – The impact of industrial fishing on the world’s marine ecosystems

Menachem Goren – The deep sea fishes of the Levant Sea

Daniel Golani – Long-term study on the trawl fishery of the Mediterranean coast of Israel

Alon Rothschild – How to reform Israeli fisheries – To the benefit of man and nature

Dror Angel – Jellyfish, medusae and gelatinous zooplankton - Are outbreaks of these related to our activities along the coast and at sea?


Response of the Marine Environment to Climate Change

Brian Helmuth – The effects of climate change on the physiology and ecology of marine organisms

Gil Rilov – Beyond the comfort zone – The past, present and future of Levant reef species under climate change

Tamar Guy Haim – Shifted communities and ecosystem functions in a warm and acidified coastal ocean

Jonathan Belmaker – Can we predict fish invasions into the Mediterranean under different climate change scenarios?

Danna Titelboim – Selective responses of benthic foraminifera to thermal pollution

Environmental Aspects of Deep-Sea Natural Gas & Oil Activities

Rudney E Cluck – The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Environmental and Social Impacts

Shari A. Yvon Lewis – Deepwater oil spills: Threats, research and observing systems

Jack Silverman – Baseline survey for Israel EEZ

Yossi Azov – Monitoring gas fields in deep-sea of the Eastern Mediterranean

Moshe Tom – Uniform habitats in the Israeli Mediterranean marine province - an efficient tool for the implementation of adequate environmental policy

Ilan Nissim – Offshore oil and gas environmental guidelines and future plans

Marine Spatial Planning of Israel

Yaara Lemberge Kenar - Marine areas bill: Opportunities and dilemmas

Nadia Tzimerman - The Israeli maritime zones bill – Who is responsible for marine spatial planning?

Haya Erez - Securing the Mediterranean Sea as a national asset

Iris Hann - Marine Policy for Israel's Mediterranean

Shamay Assif - A Marine Plan for Israel

Hezi Gildor - Ocean gliders for the offshore oil and gas industry

Marine spatial planning Panel 

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